Mil-Spec transportable workstation – MilPAC-III

Dual Xeon workstation with video inputs and screen mirroring in daily use worldwide by the US Navy.  The MilPAC-III is perfect for GeoINT, UAV integration, Video optimization and compression.  Mil-Spec tested for shock, vibration, EMI, RFI, transport and Mil-Std 901D for torpedo strike.

Now available with sunlight readable displays and a high capacity filtered cooling system.  MilPAC-III Datasheet 

Mil Spec transportable workstation


Transportable workstation.

Now available with a high capacity filtration system.

Dual-Xeon processors

Advanced cooling

Three screens for 5760 x 1080 display scene

CAC card reader in keyboard

Display mirroring to external TV, monitor or projector

Video capture cards

Up to 64TB of SSD storage

MilPAC-III – powerful, robust and very high performance.








Navy-spec workstation

Portable workstation

Featuring three high resolution 17″ displays, and dual Intel Xeon processors, the MilPAC-III is ideally suited to C4ISR, Geospatial Intelligence and any other application that demand rugged reliable processing power in a portable package. Three HDMI output ports allow all three of the displays to be duplicated as required in the CIC


Folded: 14.5″ x 17.125″ x 11.75″ (H x W x D)

Deployed: 14.5″ x 43.0″ x 11.75″ (H x W x D) 

Weight: 65lb

Environmental: MIL-STD-810G, Method 514.5, Figure 514.5C-5 Loose cargo test setup , 0- 50 degree C

Shock: Operating: 10g, 11ms, Half-Sine
Non-Operating: 30g, 11ms, Half-Sine
Mil Std 901D Lightweight shock,   Class B


Desert filter back option

Configurable storage – 5 removable drive bays

Sunlight readable 1000 NIT display

DVD/RW or Blu-Ray writer

Video Capture


Custom color





Computer based test equipment

Typical portable test and measurement computer

Portable computers with expansion slots offer a high performance solution to custom or low run-rate test and measurement applications.  Computer based test equipment can be ready fast, and offer performance in excess of tradition equipment from test & measurement vendors.

lunchbox PC for Test & Measurement applications

Portable PC’s are now available with massive processing power thanks to server-grade technology.  Dual Xeon processors, enormous RAM capacity (up to 1TB or more of RAM) and massive SSD drives that are impervious shock and vibration have made the modern rugged portable a reliable and powerful machine.

lunchbox PC for Test & Measurement applications

Portable computers are available with mil-spec environmental chassis.  AC and DC power supplies are available, and flight certified chassis can be produced.

Ship board test equipment computer

Portable customizable test equipment.

Modern transportable computers offer flexibility and performance.

Users or program managers can configure a test set according to evolving test requirements.  Application specific expansions cards are available from a myriad of suppliers and can be combined to create specialist test sets for any application.


Multi-slot portable computers with massive expansion..

Application specific cards

Test equipment cards

No longer are plug in cards only for low frequency applications.  Recent advances in plug in cards mean that computer based oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers and signal generators are all now possible.

– PCIe computer add-in cards for test & measurement

Oscilloscope card for computer based test equipment solution

  • 2 GS/s Digitization on one channel
  • Simultaneous 1 GS/s Sampling on 2 channels
  • PCI Express 2.0 x8
  • Features Multiple Record including capture of Pre-trigger data
  • Up to 1 GHz Bandwidth
  • 2GS base memory with optional upgrade to 32GS
  • 45 dB Signal to Noise Ratio
  • Variable Gain Input Amplifier

– Oscilloscope – Acquituk

Plug in spectrum analyzer card for portable test equipment computer

  • Up to 5GS / sec
  • Up to 4 channels
  • Up to 1.5GHz Bandwidth
  • 4GS on board memory
  • Average option
  • Peak detect option


– Spectrum analyzer from TTMS

High speeed signal generator card for computer based test equipment

  • 4 AC-Coupled or DC-Coupled DAC Channel Outputs
  • 14-bit, 1.2 GSPS for 2 Channels or
    600 MSPS for 4 Channels
  • 8-bit, 1.2 GSPS for 4 Channels
  • 1 Gigabyte DDR2 RAM
  • Up to 900 MB/s (sustained) via 8-lane PCI Express Bus
  • Based on Analog Devices AD9736 DAC
  • Output Ranges from 400mV to 1470mV
  • Bandwidth up to 400 MHz (AC-Coupled) or
    590 MHz (DC-Coupled)


– signal generator – Signatec

Telemetry receiver card for rugged portable

Single, Dual, or Tri-Band Single Slot ISA Receiver with FM Demodulation

 AM, Controlled AGC, and Linear AGC Outputs

 Supports data rates up to 20 Mbps

 8 dB Noise Figure (maximum); 6dB (typical)

 70 MHz IF Outputs: Linear and AGC controlled

 20 MHz Reference I/O for use with LS-33-P Series Diversity Combiners

 Spectral and Eye Pattern Display Option

– Telemetry receiver by Lumi-star

PCIe ARB for lunchbox computer solution

625MS/s 16bit Arbitrary Waveform Generator Cards 
PCIe x8 bus supports streaming > 1.5GB/s

The AWG’s are fully programmable and work with Spectrum’s own SBench 6 control software as well as third party software tools such as LabVIEW, LabWindows and MATLAB..

– Arbitrary waveform generator – Spectrum

DMM plug in card

  • Up to 1,000 readings/second
  • DC & AC volts & current, 2-wire, and 4-wire resistance
  • Capacitance and frequency measurements
  • Fully programmable with Visual Basic®, C++®, LabView 

Keysight digital multimeter

– DMM –  Keysight


Dual screen transportable workstation with 4K display and Intel i9 processor


“A transportable workstation with 4K displays and Intel i9 power?  Incredible!”

Trusted by servicemen and women in theater

Deployable Workstation

Dual Screen MegaPAC transportable workstation

The ultimate in performance requires some sacrifice.  In this case, the MegaPAC asks you to forgive the 60lb weight and the over-sized transit case.  It makes up for the slight inconvenience by having dual 4K monitors and the latest Intel i9 or Dual Xeon processors available.  With room for three top-end graphics cards, there really isn’t another compromise.

A full sized keyboard, with numeric keypad and touchpad.  Five removable 3.5″ drives.  An 850W or 1KW power supply.

Typical uses are found in broadcast, civilian command and control for disaster relief coordination, Military C4ISR and Cyber security across markets.

Dual gas struts make opening and closing the top display enjoyable, and the displays lock shut for transit.

MegaPAC is available with either HD or 4K displays, and is fully customizable for your application.  Many customers like a 4K display on top, and an HD panel for control below.




Intel Xeons




Power supply


Graphics cards


Ready for transport - Dual Xeon workstation


Transportable Workstation

Dual Xeon Power

Deployed in a console-style upper and lower display arrangement, the displays can be HD or 4K resolution.

Technical specifications – up to:


  • Dual E5-2699 V4
  • 44 cores, 110MB cache
  • 60TB storage
  • High end RAID
  • Space and power for top graphics
  • Optional fiber connection
  • Height: 15.12″,
    Width: 23.11″,
    Depth: 9.02″
  • Weight – appx 60lb (spec dependent)


“The most powerful portable on the planet.”


“Unique portable display for anyone that needs more screen real-estate on the go!”

triple screen portable display system

system closed for transit

Portexa BCCD-17

  • Three screen portable
  • 3 x 17″ HD LED
  • 5760 x 1024
  • Displays lock for transit

BCCD – Portable display

The triple screen BCCD (Bi-Fold Command and Control Display) is a great solution for anyone who needs more screen real-estate on the go.

Connected to a laptop – either via USB3, or through three display connectors (VGA, DVI and DP) you get a three or four screen solution.  Connect to a Portexa three screen portable, like a FlexPAC-III or a MilPAC-III, and you have a six screen deployable workstation.  Go a little crazy, and add another BCCD and you have a 9-screen portable C4ISR computer system in two pelican cases.

The BCCD-17 is manufactured in lightweight durable aluminum, and powder-coated for durability.

Options for mounting on three screen portable computers to six or nine screen systems.  No drivers are required in most operating systems.

Also available with built in PC


     Three screen portable display

Three screen portable display system

BCCD-17 Bi-fold Command and Control Display

Three screens – 17″ HD

5760 x 10280 scene space

One video connection per display or a single cable to USB3


Robust transportable display solution – three 17″ displays in a lightweight portable package.  Connect to your laptop for a go-anywhere development system or command and control display.


Desert filter back

Desert filter back quad fan

Four high-pressure fans  force massive volumes of cooling air into the MilPAC-III chassis. 

MilPAC-IIIthree screen portable computer system | Secondary Link


MilPAC-III keyboard with CAC card reader

Dual Xeon motherboard portable workstation

three screen portable computer system

High Capacity Cooling – Filter Back

Advanced cooling system

The standard MilPAC-III is fully functional at 50C tested to Mil Std 810G.  

For dusty or sandy environments, we have developed the desert filter back; a high capacity washable electrostatic filter system that replaces the standard rear panel.

Four high pressure fans make sure that the MilPAC can operate at full speed in the harshest of environments.

The MilPAC-III is a deployable workstation for high temperature and dusty environments.

All air entering the MilPAC-III is filtered through the filter-back, and all the other fans exhaust, thus keeping the interior clean and cool.


     COTS transportable workstation

1st rate cooling - massive expansion - transportable COTS workstation

MilPAC-I rugged portable

Dual Xeon

16 Removable drives

20G, 10G and Gigabit ports


Robust transportable server

Ideal for cyber-security or network capture in the field, the MilPAC-I is a power-house of a portable.  Dual 22 Core Intel Xeon processors and 512GB RAM combine with up to 64TB of removable SSD storage.

Manufactured, tested and supported in the USA.  


Drive Bays


CPU Cores


Cooling Fans