Portable KVM display

Portable KVM with CAT5 Transmitters The PMK is a portable KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse) system.  It enables the user to access up to four computers, servers or KVM switches at the same time. Two connect with traditional KVM cables and two via CAT 5 transmitters up to 500 feet (150 meters) away with superior auto-adjusting… Continue reading Portable KVM display

Quad display portable workstation

MegaPAC-RD-24 Portable Workstation EATX Dual Xeon Portable Power. Multi-display portable workstation Introducing the MegaPAC-RD.  The all-new MegaPAC-RD is available with one, two, three or four displays.  Displays can be mounted on the left or right, and also on top of the main chassis.  In other words, the MegaPAC-RD gives the ultimate in flexibility to arrange… Continue reading Quad display portable workstation

Most powerful silent PSU

Silent PSU Technology from Seasonic   SILENCE! – The most powerful fanless power supply Silence is golden.  But in this case, it’s actually better – it’s Titanium! Titanium is better than gold for many things – but in a silent PSU, it means ultra-high efficiency.  (94 % efficiency at 50 % system load.)  Combine that… Continue reading Most powerful silent PSU

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Dual Screen Transportable Workstation

Dual-screen Transportable Workstation Maximum computing power in a rugged transportable chassis  When you need a whole lot of computing capability, and plenty of screen real-estate, it’s important that the transportable workstation you choose will always work when you arrive on site.  The MegaPAC-S2 is a modern, robust, professional workstation ready for deployment. Two 23.7″ displays… Continue reading Dual Screen Transportable Workstation

Three Screen Laptop

NotePAC-III NotePAC Data Sheet | Secondary Link Rugged three screen laptop with:   3 x 17.3″ HD displays 12 Core Xeon processor (D-2166NT) 2 x PCIe expansion slots (x16, x8) Optional Nvidia Quadro 4000 graphics Backlit keyboard Integrated CAC card reader Eight Lan ports – 2 Fiber SPF+ 10G, 2 RJ45 10G, 4 RJ45 Gigabit.… Continue reading Three Screen Laptop

Sunlight Readable Deployable Workstation

MilPAC-III Performance Dual Xeon, liquid cooled.  Server grade motherboard.  Nvidia graphics.  Removable HDD and SSD options. Request a quote Mil-spec shock & transit The MilPAC-III is certified to MIL-STD-810G, Method 514.5, Figure 514.5C-5 Loose cargo test setup, 0- 50 degrees C. Data Sheet Made in the USA Proudly manufactured in Azusa CA. The Factory (link)… Continue reading Sunlight Readable Deployable Workstation

Portable graphics workstation – Dual RTX 2080Ti’s

Portable Workstation Three 24″ Displays Dual RTX-2080Ti   Dual Intel Xeon Platinum Dual Liquid coolers “MegaPAC-L3 – the most powerful portable workstation on the planet!”   BUILT WITH BOLDGRID Ultimate portable workstation Dual RTX-2080Ti’s Dual Intel Xeon Platinum processors Three 24″ 4K or HD displays   SUPER SWEET HEADING MegaPAC-L3 – The most powerful portable… Continue reading Portable graphics workstation – Dual RTX 2080Ti’s

Largest 1U Rack-mount display

Biggest 1U rack mount display 23″ 1u rack-mount display. “We need to put a big display, keyboard, webcam, CAC card reader, microphone, and some audio pass-through connectors in a rack – which we will then transport and deploy in a tent. Oh – and the screen needs to be 23″, HD. and…  it all has… Continue reading Largest 1U Rack-mount display