Commercial off the shelf


Commercial off the shelf computers are seldom actually standard commercial units.  What the phrase appears to have come to mean is “Commercial entity creates ‘special’ version of computers which are designed for a specific use, or environment, usually without any NRE. (Non-recurring engineering fee).”

This blog is a collection of such projects that are intended to inspire end users, and showcase the design and manufacturing creativity of Portexa llc and its manufacturing partner, ACME Portable machines.

Aircraft display


Carrier pigeons also accepted


f35 Programming computer

Customized solutions for Military, Industrial and Aerospace

We pride ourselves in offering tailored solutions to computing requirements for our military, aerospace and nuclear customers.  COTS Computers are military specification, designed to perform in real-world environments.

Engineers in California & Taiwan

Consultative design engineering to our customers requirements is undertaken by our engineering staff in California and modeled and prototyped in Taiwan.  Manufacturing of prototypes and production quantities can be undertaken at either factory.

Test Facilities to Military Specifications

We have tested systems to Mil Std 461F, 901D, 810G.  Tests include temperature, humidity, shock, vibration, salt fog, simulated torpedo strike, transit vibration and many more.

Worldwide Support

Local support available in USA, Germany and Taiwan.


Quality Engineering Creativity

Whether to computer needs to be able to cope with multiple video feeds simultaneously, or work in a sandy desert environment or both, Portexa can design and build a system to work flawlessly.  Systems for programming fighter jets, training computers for submarines or for handheld weapons programs, Cyber-security computers that can copy an entire 20G network traffic to disk – and many more.