Maximum performance portable

Triple screen 24″ portable computer –

Portexa FlexPAC-III-24

“The most powerful portable computer on the planet!”

24" three screen portable computer

Transportable workstation

Tech Spec

  • 3 x 24″ 4K or 2K displays
  • Dual Xeon
  • Touch screen option
  • Massive RAID

Biggest Screen Portable – 3 x 24″

There is no getting away from the fact that this is a big portable.  It’s the biggest screen portable! It’s also the most powerful portable on the planet.  Three 24″ 2K or 4K displays and a full-sized motherboard which allows for up to dual Xeon processors.

Touch screen displays which are available in 2K and ultra-high resolution 4K displays. 

Extended ATX motherboards mean the choice of Intel i7 or Dual Xeon processors.  There is plenty of space for the largest and most powerful graphics cards – for CUDA use or to drive the three 4K displays.

A wheeled transit case is supplied as standard, and fully deployable shipping cases are also available.  Tilting feet improve the ergonomics of operation for the use, and a full sized keyboard makes this a comfortable transportable workstation.



Expansion capability in a portable computer

High performance cooling

Up to dual Xeon processors using forced air cooling and thermostatically controlled fan systems.


Massive Portable Power Dual Xeon 4K computer

Full size keyboard

The detachable  keyboard attaches to the front of the system when the displays are closed for transit.


Highly configurable transportable workstation

Massive expansion

Multiple slots with an EATX motherboard allow for highly flexible configurations.


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