“Unique portable display for anyone that needs more screen real-estate on the go!”

triple screen portable display system

system closed for transit

Portexa BCCD-17

  • Three screen portable
  • 3 x 17″ HD LED
  • 5760 x 1024
  • Displays lock for transit

BCCD – Portable display

The triple screen BCCD (Bi-Fold Command and Control Display) is a great solution for anyone who needs more screen real-estate on the go.

Connected to a laptop – either via USB3, or through three display connectors (VGA, DVI and DP) you get a three or four screen solution.  Connect to a Portexa three screen portable, like a FlexPAC-III or a MilPAC-III, and you have a six screen deployable workstation.  Go a little crazy, and add another BCCD and you have a 9-screen portable C4ISR computer system in two pelican cases.

The BCCD-17 is manufactured in lightweight durable aluminum, and powder-coated for durability.

Options for mounting on three screen portable computers to six or nine screen systems.  No drivers are required in most operating systems.

Also available with built in PC


     Three screen portable display

Three screen portable display system

BCCD-17 Bi-fold Command and Control Display

Three screens – 17″ HD

5760 x 10280 scene space

One video connection per display or a single cable to USB3


Robust transportable display solution – three 17″ displays in a lightweight portable package.  Connect to your laptop for a go-anywhere development system or command and control display.


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