MilPAC-I 16 Removable Drives in a rugged portable

COTS transportable server & workstation

1st rate cooling - massive expansion - transportable COTS workstation

MilPAC-I rugged transportable portable server

Dual Xeon

16 Removable Drives

20G, 10G, and Gigabit ports


Robust transportable server

Ideal for cyber-security or network capture in the field, the MilPAC-I is a power-house of a portable.  Dual 22 Core Intel Xeon processors and 512GB RAM combine with up to 64TB of removable SSD storage.

Manufactured, tested and supported in the USA.  

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The MilPAC-RHD16 is a powerhouse of a portable server.  With 16 removable drive bays in four caddies, it can be configured with multiple drive-sets for different security levels.  Performance from the Dual Xeon motherboard, paired to a high powered RAID controller is unmatched by any other portable.

Available with 1GbE, 10GbE, and 20GbE capture cards, it is capable of sustained, multi-gigabit per second recording of network traffic without packet drops.  This system is used to capture entire military combat networks for post-maneuver review and analysis.

Drives, CPU performance/core count, O/S and memory are all configurable. The current maximum space is 16 x 7.6TB removable SSDs + a removable boot drive.  There are 15TB SSD’s hitting the market this year, and the MilPAC will support those from launch.

Now available in a “narrow” version that is small enough to fit in between 19″ rack rails.  This allows deployment in server rooms when space is at a premium.  The portable design means the equipment can be used in environments that may traditionally require an extensive certification procedure.

For desert environments, a version of the MilPAC-III desert filter back is available to special order.

The three-screenMilPAC is also available for C4ISR, CIC and Geospatial applications.


Drive bays removable on the MilPAC deployable portable server


Drive Bays


CPU Cores


Cooling Fans




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