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Intel unveils the 8th Gen Intel Core processor family and launches the first of the family on Monday, Aug. 21, 2017. The 8th Gen Intel Core processors are designed for what’s next and deliver up to 40% gen over gen performance boost. (Credit: Intel Corporation)


8th generation


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Intel Xeon and i7/i9 chips compared – accurate(ish) as of June 2018


Intel makes processors form mobile to supercomputer.


“Many computer users would be amazed at the diversity of processor offerings from Intel.”


Professional Applications

Intel i7, i9 and Xeon

For those looking for a higher cache limit, or more RAM supported by their processors, the Xeon for the most part will out-perform the i5/i7 models. The Xeon processor line allows for a higher amount of RAM to be installed and configured for use. i7/i9 are restricted to 64GB, whereas some Xeon models can address 3TB.  Add in the standard hyper-threading and overall higher amount of cores in most models and the Xeon really makes its case for high workload situations.  Another application that the Xeon chips excel at it running multiple virtual machines (VM’s).  An i5 quad core might be limited to four VM’s while an E5-2699A-V4 could run 44 of them.

Portable computers with Xeon processors are available for military and aerospace applications from Portexa, and for commercial applications, from ACME portable.



Update:The Intel Xeon-E (which used to be Xeon E3) is now official.  See Anandtech’s Xeon E review for details

Consumer Applications

When comparing between the i5, i7, and Xeon there are a few key aspects that you need to be aware of. Each of these processors have pro’s and con’s depending on the applications they will be used in, your budget, etc. 

A key difference between i5/i7 models and Xeon models is the availability of on-board graphics. Most i5/i7 models come with graphics controllers that can handle most basic gaming as well as basic video editing. This can be useful if you do not own a stand-alone Graphics card though for higher end gaming and editing applications a graphics card is still needed. Xeon processors will need a separate Graphics card for High end 3D gaming/video applications.

In the consumer world, one of the main differences between the i5/i7 models and Xeon processors are that i5/i7 models are generally easier to overclock. While some of the newer Xeon models can be overclocked for the most part they cannot. This can help you squeeze more power for the money out of a lot of i5/i7 models which makes a lot of sense if you are building your computer on a budget. For single threaded applications this offers some of the best GHz per dollar metrics that you can find.

Update: i9-9900K has been released.  It’s an odd naming convention as it does not have the extra PCIe lanes or memory addressing capability of the other i9’s.  It’s really an 8 core i7.  Headline feature is a Turbo boost on up to two cores only to 5GHz.

Update: Intel-Core-X-series-Processors

Update2:Intel i9-9980XE by Anandtech

Update3: i9-9980XE v Threadripper 2950X





Chips compared





Minimum Cores





Maximum Cores




Max Power Consumption




Intel Processor comparison            
Core-I or XeonFamilyModelCoresThreadsCache MBMax Power Consumption (W)Base ClockTurbo ClockCode NameGraphics Max FreqMax Memory (GB)Multi-Processor Max
XeonE3E3-1220-v64487233.5Kaby LakeNo641
XeonE3E3-1275-v6488733.84.2Kaby Lake1.15641
XeonE3E3-1535M-v6488453.14.2Kaby Lake1.1641
XeonScalable Bronze3014668.25851.71.7SkylakeNo7682
XeonScalable Bronze31068811851.71.7SkylakeNo7682
XeonScalable Silver4112488.25852.63SkylakeNo7682
XeonScalable Silver411081611852.13SkylakeNo7682
XeonScalable Silver4114102013.75852.23SkylakeNo7682
XeonScalable Silver4116122416.5852.13SkylakeNo7682
XeonScalable Gold51224816.51053.63.7SkylakeNo7684
XeonScalable Gold613481624.751303.23.7SkylakeNo7684
XeonScalable Gold6148204027.51502.43.7SkylakeNo7684
XeonScalable Gold6152224430.251402.13.2SkylakeNo7684
XeonScalable Platinum81564816.51053.63.7SkylakeNo7688
XeonScalable Platinum8160T2448331502.13.7SkylakeNo7688
XeonScalable Platinum8176F285638.51732.13.8SkylakeNo7682
XeonScalable Platinum8180285638.52052.53.8SkylakeNo7688
Corei78086K612129545Coffee Lake1.2641
Corei78700B61212653.24.6Coffee Lake1.2641
Corei58400B669652.84Coffee Lake1.05641
Corei38100T446353.13.1Coffee Lake1.1641

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