Desert filter back

Desert filter back quad fan

Four high-pressure fans  force massive volumes of cooling air into the MilPAC-III chassis. 

MilPAC-IIIthree screen portable computer system | Secondary Link


MilPAC-III keyboard with CAC card reader

Dual Xeon motherboard portable workstation

three screen portable computer system

High Capacity Cooling – Filter Back

Advanced cooling system

The standard MilPAC-III is fully functional at 50C tested to Mil Std 810G.  

For dusty or sandy environments, we have developed the desert filter back; a high capacity washable electrostatic filter system that replaces the standard rear panel.

Four high pressure fans make sure that the MilPAC can operate at full speed in the harshest of environments.

The MilPAC-III is a deployable workstation for high temperature and dusty environments.

All air entering the MilPAC-III is filtered through the filter-back, and all the other fans exhaust, thus keeping the interior clean and cool.


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